Diversify Your Growth

Discover the ideal methods of building greater returns, today. By buying multiple Banque Misr UAE certificates, you can diversify your potential to reap a better financial outcome.

These are exclusive, ‘certificate of deposits,’ which are designed to cater to every customer’s needs in terms of tenor and value in both, local and foreign currencies. Having a diverse approach to earning is what can create a greater financial advantage.

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Dawly Program

Designed exclusively for Egyptian expats residing and working in the UAE, Dawly Program is a unique package that offers seamless banking solutions that can be conveniently accessed in the UAE and Egypt.

Closer To Home And Your Heart

Life takes you places. Wherever you go, Banque Misr-UAE ensures you are never far from home. We are a trusted partner in the people’s path to prosperity. Our unique Dawly Program is designed to ensure financial freedom to you and your family.

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Banque Misr Services

Banque Misr, UAE offers services to its loyal customers banking with Banque Misr, Egypt, where the customers can visit Banque Misr, UAE and apply for facilities and services

There is a nominal fee to avail these services. The services are listed below

  • Cheque book issuance – we can take your request to issue your Banque Misr – Egypt cheque book
  • Debit card issuance – Banque Misr, UAE can take your request to issue a Debit card from Banque Misr, Egypt
  • Request for Account statement – you can request a Banque Misr, Egypt account statement from UAE
  • Instructions for POA – you have the facility to send an instruction for POA from UAE to Banque Misr, Egypt
  • Apply and activate Online banking – We even assist you in applying and activating ‘Online Banking’ with Banque Misr, Egypt
  • Remittance and Transfer services to Egypt through our branch network at minimal cost