Because Every Transfer Matters

Banque Misr provides comprehensive remittance services worldwide that can make life painless. Through our broad network of branches in Egypt and the global network of correspondent banks, we ensure timely and secure transfers or remittance services at highly competitive rates.

Banque Misr offers international remittances through telegraphic transfers via SWIFT, to almost any bank around the world. The SWIFT messaging service is a safe, secure and efficient method of transferring funds. SWIFT remittances are generally made to and from international destinations. It is the most authentic, efficient and widely used mode of communication for financial transactions between two banks or financial institutions who have subscribed to SWIFT.

Most major global banks are members of this system, which is a secure and dedicated network that ensures the flow of financial information remains safe and reaches its destination in a secure/coded manner.

International Transfers

Competitive rates
especially for Egypt remittances

SWIFT transfers ensuring
secure and dedicated networks

Swift Code

Banque Misr UAE:  BMISAEAA

Banque Misr Egypt: BMISEGCXXXX

The Banque Misr SWIFT code is where it all starts, so if you want to send money through a safe and secure channel, you can call us on +971 2 652 2722; visit any of our Banque Misr UAE branches; or do so through our online banking services. Please note the VAT and fee will apply.

Foreign Exchange Rates

Egyptian Pound (EGP) 0.2337 0.2360
US Dollar (USD) 3.6500 3.6800
Euro (EUR) 4.01457 4.29793
British Pound Sterling (GBP) 4.81260 5.15229
Swiss Franc (CHF) 3.82055 4.09021
Japanese Yen (JPY) 3.07148 3.28828
Chinese Yuan (CNY) 0.55285 0.59782
Saudi Riyal (SAR) 0.97071 0.98682
Qatari Rial (QAR) 0.97506 0.99370
Australian Dollar (AUD) 2.62027 2.67618

* Rates are applicable for Bank transfers only. Last updated on 20-01-2022 06:01 AM