Opening Greater Possibilities

The Saada Salary Current Account is designed for working professionals; offering significant savings, attractive interest rates and effortless banking solutions, that ensure you make the most of your salary. Our comprehensive financial solutions unlock a host of benefits and privileges for you because we believe in maximising every opportunity you have to make the most of your hard-earned income.

Key Benefits

LOW salary transfer

FREE cheque book
(only first cheque book is free)

FREE international
contactless debit card with active online banking services and transactions

Earning interest of 0.5% p.a
on balances above AED 5,000

Free unlimited remittances to Banque Misr Egypt done through our branches in UAE

NO minimum balance requirement and hence NO charges for non-maintenance of balance

4 Free cash withdrawals at any bank ATM in the UAE for all salary transfer accounts (All cash withdrawals at Banque Misr UAE ATM are free)

All fees and charges to be as per the approved Schedule of Charges readily available at the branches

Terms & conditions

  • Only individuals are eligible for Saada salary transfer account
  • Salary Certificate is a mandatory document for this account
  • Salary transfer or minimum balance of AED 10,000 to be maintained in this account
  • If no salary transferred or balance not maintained, a monthly fee of AED 25 will be applicable.
  • UAE switch ATM cash withdrawals are free only if AED 10,000 balance is maintained in the account throughout the month
  • Free remittance service is applicable when it is done through the account transfer at the branches
  • All other fees and charges are applicable that are mentioned on the website
  • All other regular terms and conditions are applicable for this product
  • Interest rate is subject to change without prior notice.
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