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Born in Egypt and loved across the world, Banque Misr has exclusively tailored this program for its Egyptian expats residing and working in the UAE. It offers a unique package with seamless banking solutions that can conveniently be accessed in both, the UAE and Egypt. Our goal is to ensure you are never far from home, that our exceptional program provides you, and your family, with the best financial freedoms as trusted partners in your path to prosperity.

Egypt Key Features

Access to online banking

Free Debit Card and
first Cheque Book

Dedicated Call Centre

Free prepaid card for
money transfers

Supplementary Debit Cards
for family members in Egypt

Special promotions on
professional transfer services

Mortgage loan up to 10 years
with no credit inquiry and
account opening fees

Invest in Belady Certificate of Deposits and have special rates on foreign currencies funds transfered from outside Egypt

UAE Key Features

Interest rate of up to 1%
on UAE account balances

Access to online banking

Free Debit Card and
first Cheque Book

Free remittance
from BM UAE to BM Egypt

Account opening in both UAE and Egypt
(individual with valid UAE residents visa)

4 Free cash withdrawals per
month at other bank ATMs in UAE

Minimum balance to open Dawly account AED 10,000 or minimum salary transfer of AED 10,000 monthly

Terms & conditions

  • Interest rate is subject to change without prior notice.
  • This marketing material is communicated by Banque Misr-UAE; Banque Misr is regulated by the UAE Central Bank
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